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April 28th 2019

2nd prize, Audience prize and La belle saison prize

first round – watch from 5:22:00

second round – watch from 4:08:00

final round– watch from 1:32:00

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A  review from April 18th 2019

recital with Daniel Gerzenberg


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February 5th 2019

a review for Radamisto with Opera Lafayette

“An equally striking discovery was mezzo-soprano Hagar Sharvit, who was an outstanding Zenobia. In her showpiece aria in the first act, “Son contenta di morire,” she displayed remarkably even articulated runs, and had the extended chest range for Handel’s initial casting of the role for a contralto. Her vocal intensity went well with a forceful stage presence, especially as she alternated between spitting rage and tender sweetness in the cavatina “Empio, perverso cor!” “

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February 7th 2019

“As for Zenobia, Ms. Sharvit had the depth of range
for a role originally written for a contralto. Her lyric
mezzo voice mixed eloquently with the strings in “Son
contenta di moire,” her poignant acceptance of death in
Act I. In another vein, she exhibited stunning vocal
intensity in her aria late in Act II, “Empio perverso cor,”
addressed alternately with vehemence to the treacherous
tyrant, Tiridate, and with soft-breathed devotion to her
disguised husband. The joyous duet of reconciliation
that soon follows to close the act (and leads to the
ensuing graceful dance) was also a happy union of two
voices that blended well.”

a review for Radamisto in NEW YORK

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September 4th 2018

2nd prize winner of the Gianni Bergamo competition for Mezzo-sopranos


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January 2018

Reviews from Siroe

Nederlandse Reisopera

“.. the Israeli hangar sharvit is a mezzo-soprano to keep an eye on. She sings breathtaking the spectacular beautiful coloraturas that Hasse wrote for her role, as well as singing lines full of tragedy…”

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“Count the outstanding cast and you’ll see why this production is important from start to finish. Mezzo-Soprano, Hagar Sharvit… with a fantastic voice, a fascinating presence…”

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Hagar just won the 3rd prize of the International Robert Schumann competition 2016


The winners of the 17. International Robert Schumann competition are found! We would like to congratulate the:

Singing Ladies:
1. Henriette Gödde (Germany)
2. Hiltrud Kuhlmann (Germany)
3. Hagar Sharvit (Israel / Germany)

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Pinocchio - The adventures of Pinocchio, Dove. Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, 2015. Photo: Karen Stuke.

Pinocchio – The adventures of Pinocchio, Dove. Oldenburgisches
Staatstheater, 2015. Photo: Karen Stuke.

Premiere The adventures of Pinocchio. oldenburg state theater, 22/3/15.

“Ihre große Stärke hat sie in der pausenlos auf der Bühne präsenten und konditionsstarken Darstellerin des Pinocchio. Hagar Sharvit gestaltet voller Hingabe. Ihr Mezzo mit viel Timbre, schönem Körperklang und sauberer Führung erlaubt ihr Lebhaftigkeit und feine Nuancierung …” (NWZONLINE, Horst Hollmann, 24.03.2015)
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Das Lied 2015

 Hagar Sharvit won the  “Das Lied” competition, berlin 2015.


Hagar Sharvit & Ammiel Bushakevitz

 award Hagar Sharvit won the  “Das Lied” competition, berlin 2015.

“The Israeli mezzo-soprano Hagar Sharvit won the first prize in the international competition ‘Das Lied’.…” (Musik Heute, Das Nachrichtenmagazin für klassiche musik, 23.02.15)
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“Berlin, 24.02.2015. Die israelische Mezzosopranistin Hagar Sharvit hat den internationalen Gesangswettbewerb ‘Das Lied’ in Berlin gewonnen… ” ( Magazin, 24.02.15)
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Masterclass with Matthias Goerne and Markus Hinterhäuser, Aix en Provence 2014Masterclass Schubert de Matthias Goerne, Baryton (Allemagne) et Markus Hinterhäusser, pianiste (Autriche) dans le cadre de l’Académie Européenne de Musique du Festival d’Aix-en-Provence le 12 juillet 2014 à l’auditorium du conservatoire Darius M

concert festival d’Aix en Provence 2014:

“A l’occasion de leur première participation à l’Académie européenne de musique, dans le cadre de la résidence Schubert, la mezzo-soprano Hagar Sharvit et le pianiste Ammiel Bushakevitz ont accepté d’aborder avec nous leur plaisir de jouer ensemble, leur amour immodéré pour Schubert et leur expérience aixoise…” (, Interview by Marie Lobrichon)